Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Seven Truths

I was tagged on Jaded by Wakarima to give 7 truths about myself. While very excited, it turned out to be much more difficult than I'd expected (this has been in draft for some time) ...

Let's get the rules out of the way:
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Thanks Wakarima - I'm honoured. Here goes:

Seven Truths:
1. I'm not over 30. Well not in my head, I'm not (my ID & mother would beg to differ). I feel rather young and vibrant and am only reminded of my age when I realise that there are things I can't do as well anymore. Like heal. It's not as quick as it once was. I've been scarred by paper cuts!
2. While I cook rather well when I put my mind to it, I don't cook often. Too much effort for 1. I try to cook at least once a week though. I'm not always successful.
3. My favourite colour is red and I'm very often in it. I have a row of red shoes in my collection and when I'm out shopping nowadays, I need to carry someone along who will stop me from buying red stuff, or I will have a problem.
4. Writing is my secret passion and in my next life I'll be a journalist. Words have a way breaking down structure and letting one escape from the prism of everyday reality. Sort of like weed (I guess ... )
5. I have never taken weed ... As a teen we were shown some horrid video on the effects of drug abuse and have never tried any. Alcohol wasn't depicted in that movie so I do drink. I do however like the weed culture/symbol. I got a fake weed tattoo once and was very happy with myself!
6. I've spent a larger part of my life in Nairobi. I like Nairobi. If you're from here, you know what to expect. That the mat cut you off in traffic is no surprise. That power goes is something you were half expecting deep inside. If you hear on the news that a minister quit his job after a scandal you will obviously know that they're not talking about a Kenyan MP ...
7. I'm a happy person. On my fridge is a sticker that says 'dance to your own special music'. I think that's what I try to do.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Horror!

It's with a heavy sigh that I ponder what I've been reduced to. Me. The Spinster. Woman of great confidence and acuity.

To explain: I have a silly school girl crush on a workmate. Thinking of him, my mouth subconsciously spreads into a smile and my mind wanders ... I spend lots of time trying to figure out how to ensure that our paths cross, while still trying to look cool and blase. I keep tab on where he is at most times and notice his quirks & shirts. And as if this weren't enough, I've caught myself this evening googling "how to catch his eye"!!

My pal summarized it thus: "You got it bad!"

*sigh* Isn't life meant to be simpler ..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Phantom Relationships

I've read the Saturday paper and for a couple of weeks running, they have had a notion of what they term as 'Phantom Relationships'. Apparently you can be blissfully in love with the man of your life and checking off potential colour schemes and wedding planners while he considers you 'a convenient pal'. Now wait just a minute here! Isn't that just ... er .. so .. preposterously obnoxious  and ridiculous! What is this world coming to!

Ok .. let me take a few minutes to breath .. Done. To give you an illustration of why this is so wrong, let's take me. I'm 30-something and ready to settle down. I'm not interested in relationships that are not likely to lead to marriage unless were just talking friendship (no time to waste). There's black and there's white. So when I give my heart & all to this great man with who I expect to share my dreams and aspirations, how terrible it would be to find out that he was only in it for sport!

On the other hand, women need to be clearer on some things. It's not good enough to take his kind smile and easy going nature as an indication of commitment. And that he has had past difficulty settling down and is always busy out with the 'boys' should be a hint that all may not be hunky-dory. What's so difficult about asking? Really .. just ask. It's the conversation that men dread to have but I imagine that they only dread to have it with women they're not that interested in in the first place. (Been there, done that, had the T-shirt for so long I had to give it out)

Let's be real.