Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The One Without a Picture

Every day I go to bed feeling guilty about something I should have done but haven't. This blog has been on that list for some time. I mean I have so many stories to tell: The neighbour I saw naked, the time I almost got into 3 accidents because I woke up feeling like an ex-matatu driver, the return of the guy I'm crushing on (1) and (2)  (2 different guys .. I agree, I'm fickle), why it is impossible for ex's to remain friends, the crazy ways of the West African man, my camera mishap ...

Let's start with the camera incident. I was breakfasting at a hotel where I'd been staying for the week. If hotel food is fattening the breakfast is the absolute worst part. I love pastry and there are all these delicacies that I wouldn't usually let myself touch just laid out in inviting layers begging you to partake ... Then what's breakfast without eggs? Why bother having eggs without sausages? And the fruits? List goes on and on. So anyway, while I was happily stuffing myself, the most beautiful man I'd ever seen in person appeared and sat at the table across from me. I stared. Shamelessly. Ogled. He may as well just have walked off the page of the top 10 most handsome men ever. I watched him walk. Watched him pour his coffee. Watched him open his paper. I was happy (food completely forgotten).

Then I snapped back to reality. I needed photographic evidence. My friend says take pictures first and tell the story later. It's like you now .. you can't really get a feeling of just how good looking this guy was. Breathe of fresh air & cold cokes don't begin to compare. So I fished out for the new phone I was still trying to figure out, fumbled for the camera, lifted the phone so as to look as though I were just browsing through texts albeit at an oddly high angle, and clicked. That's when I remembered (and/or saw) that the flash automatically kicks in.

Mortified. You remember that neat thing Moses did with the red sea? Part it so the Israelites could stream through on their way to the promised land? How did I wish? Wa! I pulled an ostrich. If I can't see you (cause my head is bent down so low) you can't see me either. I hop skipped & jumped out of there, and that is why there's no picture accompanying this post!