Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finding Love Online

I've discovered internet dating!

It's actually not the end of the world; it's something people apparently do. If this month's True Love is to be believed, there's this lady who found her love online. At the age of 34, she had never been in a relationship (never had a boyfriend) and moved half way across the world to the US to be with her intended who she found on the web. They've had 2 weddings (to each other) and now have a son. I give it a dry twist, but it is a cool story. And the man in question is rather fetching if photoshop was not employed. So why not? I must wonder though at how one goes through 34 years without ever having been in a relationship. Isn't that super tough? I expect that the reasons we have exes is to learn about the other sex and improve our relationship skills. And I don't mean in bed, I mean just.Men and women are so desperately different, you need training wheels before marriage.

So far, my attempts have not been very successful. I'm yet to meet any of the people I've chatted with. Quite frankly, there's only 1 I'd be interested in meeting, but let's see how that pans out. If the blog changes name to 30-Something Wife, you'll know things went well :-) But I have had interesting conversations and that's not always easy to come by, much less with strangers.

It's a little funny that I'm not embarrassed by my attempts to find love online. I figured that I would be all hush hush about it and that if anything worked out with a loose Tom, we'd have to come up with a fake story of how we met for family, friends and children's benefit. Asking the web had in my mind been a sure sign of failure. Now I don't really care. Maybe the sense of impropriety fades with age ..

Monday, January 28, 2013

What the?!

I've been a terrible blogger. If there's e-confession for things like that, I'll sign me up!

So there's this strange guy who's been darting me. Strange, you ask? We start with the part where he's Congolese and married with kids. In our first conversation, he did little to hide the fact that he likes chicks and tries to get around as much as he can while he's away from the wife. I made the ill advised decision to share my contact details with him (I know..) and what do you know? I'm being quasi stalked. He has been calling near tears saying he doesn't understand why I'm being so cold to him. When I stopped answering his calls, he resorted to WhatsApp. The oddest thing? His WhatsApp picture is of his wife! In her wedding gown!!!

I've honestly been beginning to wonder what happened while I was looking in the opposite direction. In 1 week I met 2 guys separately in casual settings who went about emphasizing their view that I'd better pounce (on them) because they're rare and I'd be liable to miss out. Really?

If you've been reading this and wondering what I'm on about, being a single girl above 30 isn't the same as being a leper in the olden days. We're not craving for what scrap of attention we can get from the table of your masculinity. We will not suddenly drop dead if you or one of your ilk don't offer us casual sex. (For crying out loud we're women ... we can get sex at the drop of a hat!) We don't necessarily like being single but it's a lot friendlier than being saddled up with such conversation.

And yes since the point has moved in that direction, I believe that all women can get sex whenever they want it, although not necessarily from the people they'd primarily want it from. I said it.