Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Independent

Yesterday on my drive home I noticed that I'm a bit of a psycho driver. I'm not quite ex-matatu caliber but am well on my way. The crazy stunts I've pulled have me wondering and I even tinted the car windows so that men don't realize they've been out-maneuvered by a chick (for some reason that really winds them up).

I think it has to do with being used to doing things for myself. I open my own damn doors and fetch my own darn paper. I change my bulbs and shall open that jar if it is the last thing I do (which is why I need to buy things that have loooooong off expiry dates). I draw the line at changing my tyre ... and pumping it for that matter. Push came to shove, I could, but why sully my hands when there are so many young men willing to help?

In my mind, the above independence (if you'll let me call it that) doesn't work in favour of my getting hooked up. Why? Well it's so 2nd nature, that you just don't realize that the date who had initially wanted to drive you to the venue was left behind 3 roundabouts ago while you all but elbowed around with mats & proboxes for space as though you were competing for first place at the Rhino Charge!

My pal (a guy) says it has to do with age; the older you are the more comfortable you become in your own skin so you know what you will and will  not take. It's like if today some guy I were eying told me to do X or he would leave me I'd recommend Nakumatt (you need it we got it) as the store he should go to for the rope he should use to hang himself. I'm too proud & comfortable to take shit. Not to mean I can't bend (pun fully intended) just that I do not expect to be disrespected.

Maybe all the above is the reason why I'm single, but I'd like to imagine that there are men out there who are interested in the independent type. If not, well there's this blog ... and I can always park on the side of the road waiting for that other guy to catch up! :-)


  1. Independent or simply self sufficient? I figure, if we had to sit around waiting for someone to come along, we'd be sitting around for ever, waiting, no? He'll catch up, eventually, and if he doesn't? Well then, you might meet someone else who got there ahead of you, and him. :-) I'm listening to 'She got her own...' in your honour, I don't care what they say, independent women are sexy!

    Some days I think you're in my head Ms Madam, its gotten to the point I'm starting to feel like a creepy stalker. Do you know I considered putting this comment on an older post, just so I wouldn't be the idiot at the top, again? And yet here I am... hahaha...

  2. Hahahahaha! Your readership is very much appreciated and stalking is apparently my cup of tea if my photo fiasco is anything to go by!

    Once upon a time while I was in a relationship my bulb blew. Because I was in said relationship, apparently changing bulbs was a faux pas. So I pulled a damsel in distress act & he promised to be right over .. only to get there 3 days later. Now I'm a do-it-yourself girl!

    1. Do it yourself? That could be taken to mean very many things my dear...

    2. Lol!!! Certainly not what I had in mind!

      In a totally unrelated matter I'm trying to restrict my use of 'Lol' as I read in the paper someone's view of the term associating its user with the mental depth of a teaspoon! Ouch .. I've moved up to Haha and Hehe! :-)

    3. I will not be number one again, I refuse!

      So the exhibitionist neighbour? Haiya! I was hoping it was the hot dude with the quiet (potentially curtain burning) mrs? This is tres troubling, but kinda funny (hahaha...). Pole babes.

      I'll delete this when the rest show up, promise. :-)

    4. Loooooooool!! (couldn't help it!) You're certifiable!

      I know, I know .. Painted it like the story of a guy one would want to see naked (and there are so many no?) .. mea culpa. I suspect the hot dude beats quiet girl ..