Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Impending Valentine's Day Threat

 I’ve come to the conclusion that things are thick. Wa! I was staring out of the window at some far off trees and they formed in my mind the image of couples cuddling and kissing!

I blame it on the New Year and the looming Valentine’s day threat. Single women everywhere hate Valentine’s day. It’s the day they’re brought to account on how balanced their lives are (or aren’t) and the rawest form of their insecurities are laid bare for all to see. It doesn’t matter what you do (even if you run an orphanage and have single handedly saved hundreds of little Annie’s), how old you are or how cute you may be. The question is “why are you not in a relationship?” with an undertone of “what is wrong with you?”.

Many a woman braves the day putting on a strong face and casually throwing out “It’s been so materialized!” or “For me it’s a day I spend with my Mother as I really love her…”  Deep down there’s the hope that someone somewhere will remember you. A card, chocolate, flowers? On that day, it could even be Creepy Dave from the news stand. Anything is better than nothing.

Last year I spent Vals at a bar with a bevy of pals chatting the afternoon away and having a swell time. Needless to say we’d probably all have preferred to be elsewhere (and more so the females) but at least it was something to do. This year it falls on a Monday so at least there’s work to take up a greater part of the day. After that, it’s not a bad idea to slink off home and wait for the day to be over.


  1. A threat also to the Men...There is this pal of mine who on that dreaded day, she gets not less than 5 chocos....I end up mushin the greater part of them and also have the MAIN Choco all night!!!

  2. hehe this will be my single valentine in sometime, i think ill go watch a movie, treat myself to a nice lunch, some wine at the bar then head home.

  3. I've always been single on Valentines. Apart from 2009. I got used but I very much hate it.

  4. @Doc - I've frankly never thought of the poor sops who spend pretty penny on a chick just for said chick to run into the sunset with someone else. The unfairness is all round! And what charms are these you unleash on your pal with benefits? Ala!

    @Pitz - Val's a very depressing time to be movie watching on your own ... and more so if you're not used to it.

    @Cess - I know! I know! It's a time to keep your head down and wait for the end of the day

  5. Haiya Valentine is here? Now that was fast!

    Thanks for passing by my blog.

  6. @Shiko - well not fast enough for me! :)

    Thanks for passing by too and being Follower Numero Uno (FNU in short) :)

  7. Wow, spinster great blog. Naona Shiko got here before I did.....

    Thanx for checking out my blog.

    Valentines....still recovering from Chrisi yet some shops started selling Valz stuff from 2nd Jan...

  8. Thanks Cee & Karibu sana!

    Now you seem to be in my predicament. If say there was a dashing young man out to make my day on Vals, I may not remember Christmas if Vals were on the 25th of Dec!!! :)