Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Horror!

It's with a heavy sigh that I ponder what I've been reduced to. Me. The Spinster. Woman of great confidence and acuity.

To explain: I have a silly school girl crush on a workmate. Thinking of him, my mouth subconsciously spreads into a smile and my mind wanders ... I spend lots of time trying to figure out how to ensure that our paths cross, while still trying to look cool and blase. I keep tab on where he is at most times and notice his quirks & shirts. And as if this weren't enough, I've caught myself this evening googling "how to catch his eye"!!

My pal summarized it thus: "You got it bad!"

*sigh* Isn't life meant to be simpler ..


  1. hahahaha! :-) Finally! Oh do tell how the crush will progress...Don't fight it. :-)

  2. Having a crush at work makes the day go by so much quicker!

  3. @Kbaab - Fight it?! I've already picked out the colour scheme for the wedding and am now trying to finalize on the schools our kids will attend :-)

    @Cheerleader - Yes and no. The ride to work is certainly something to be looked forward to but using the wrong door to get to the loo just coz it will give you a glimpse at his desk isn't all that ..

  4. He he he, is someone about to say goodbye to the life of a spinster?

  5. Oteino H, well apparently not .. Here I still am .. still single .. I think I've been out of the dating field for much too long and just don't understand how things work. What's the point of a guy being interested if he's not going to do anything about it. Am I meant to pursue the man? It's never that serious ... All the reading I've been doing tells me that if he doesn't make the move, he's probably taken so I choose to learn through the mistakes of others.

    Would have been nice though *sigh*

  6. You could give him hints...some encouragement

  7. Thanks OtienoH. I tried .. He's either a little thick or it didn't work. He doesn't strike me as thick ... :-)
    Do keep the ideas coming though ...