Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Working Woman & Her (Elusive) Man

It's 11:24 pm. I'm in bed working away on my laptop. I've got deadlines I missed eons ago taxing my mind while pondering the meetings & workshops I must still attend. Pray tell where in the middle of all this is one meant to get a man full of interesting conversation to chat away with and mould into marriage material? When are coffee dates & rendez-vous meant to be planned leave alone attended? How does one take time to go to the movies to watch 007 when his every missed gun shot and plunging BMW (really?) reads like the story of your every day work life (replacing bullets with stinker emails & BMW's with profit margins). Dating was not invented with the 30+ working girl in mind.

Then there's the other side of the pie ... Married with 3 kids and the hubby who always asks 'Honey, where are my socks?' So you get home at 9pm bone tired only to be met by the resentful look of the spouse who while flipping through the DSTV (you paid for) sulks because 'you're always getting home late nowadays'. Or maybe he's of the stock that declares that he cannot eat anyone's cooking other than yours. So whatever time you're in the door, he let's you know he's hungry through his every sullen motion and doesn't even keep you company as you chop and throw things you can hardly see into a pan. Really? Good thing the salt is usually stored far away from the Red Cat rat poison ...


  1. Red cat rat poison? Remind me never to piss you off, or come for dinner... The way you tell it the working woman cant win either way, or can she?

    Pole for the tons of work, thank you for the post. It appears dreams do come true (with a bit of mild stalking thrown in for good measure no?).

  2. There's this other version. You both come home late, say 9.00pm, one of you puts their feet up and flips channels, the other heads to the kitchen.

  3. Well there is also of course what your average household does; hire a help who does the cooking. I've however heard more jamaas than I can count speaking with great disdain about the helps terrible cooking that they can't eat .. And there's also the white elephant breed of men who help around the house? No? A myth

    @ Alex - stalking is a good muse :-)

  4. Hihihi!!! I'm liking y'all three!