Monday, February 28, 2011

Hard Knock Life

Being single at my age is difficult.

It's difficult for obvious reasons such as having no one to go home to, do couply things with or just open the damn jar (I swear I had a jar of something or other that almost expired as I couldn't get it open!).

But it's also difficult because people start to look at you as an 'almost failure'. Why do you not have that priced accessory on your arm called 'homme' for women? It's almost like they're telling you that if you'd spent a little less time in class and a little more in the salon, you wouldn't be where you are now!

You are chastised for
a) Having an opinion,
b) and a job,
c) with male juniors,
d) that you drive to

Oh and these strange men that dart you while married with 3 children just don't understand why you reject their advances. They probably see it as doing their bit to help out in society ... Community servicing ...

So perhaps what we should be telling our little nieces is that hard work is for men .. you just doll yourself up!


  1. I'm sure you owe us some 300 words more to this post :-) Left me hanging when i was just getting excited.

  2. ha ha ha ha.... i think it depends ! am having a fun being single yes, you heard me right ! and am getting to 30 in a year or so and i cant wait ! the other day i colored my hair and i fel like a 20 something but ita in my body, and mind. the men junior irritating esp at work but girl follow me for the secret.


  3. @Bikozulu - welcome to this space! I'll certainly dig out the missing words in my next post! :-)

    @Lifeforhim - Being single is great! It's just that every once in a while it's not ...

  4. Being single is great! If dating is what I went through in this post >><< then I don't think I'm ready for that yet. lol.

    That being said, I miss being in a relationship. Contradicting myself, huh?

  5. @Kbaab - the story of my life!