Monday, March 12, 2012


I got myself Eric Wainaina's new CD 'Love + Protest'. I really like it and think it's brilliant. It is unfortunate that Eric still doesn't seem to believe it possible to sing one genre of music throughout a single song; so your slow jam will always and unfailingly burst out into kyuk one-man-guitar-type beats at the end. Having said this (and taken it into account) this CD is great.

(Spoiler Alert - Not sure it applies to music but there you have it) There's a particular song I've been playing in loop for some time now. It's called (no prize for guessing) 'Mariana'. Song's about a poor guy (financially) who's in love with Mariana. He asks her to give him a year to pull his life together and tries one unsuccessful venture after another. When he sees that he's going to loose her for lack of money, he takes a drastic step: decides to rob a bank. After pulling off the heist, he gets shot while making his get-away and dies. (I think he leaves her the money he stole but I can't quite figure that part out). It has a lovely tune that just calls out and makes you listen.

I know it's silly but I find the story so beautiful in a romantic/fatalistic/dumb kind of way. Superficially it tells of a love so strong that he would have done anything to be with her. But then again, that's the kind of reasoning that sees those small side stories in the paper "Man kills wife and 2 children when she threatened to leave". Being single at thirty-something has lead me to be very cynical (well I've always been cynical but now I'm worse off). So the thought of a love beyond reason is comforting from a distance ..

Must really get myself into a relationship ...!


  1. You're a romantic, cynic too, but definitely a romantic, who knew? :-)

    Love beyond reason? Nice. I'm off to have a listen...

  2. Love will do that to you for sure.

  3. @Alex - Hope you found & liked Mariana.

    @Ihuoma - I think I'd prefer the more moderate - massage my feet- kind of love :-)

  4. Listening to album right now (courtesy of big sister by the way...ha!). Mariana is now stuck in my head, lovely melody. It's official, you are a confirmed romantic. :-)

  5. Seems, Ms. Madam, that you're not too far from the Romantic dock either! It's grand though isn't it :-)

    1. It is, kidogo benga, very mellow. Thanks for the heads up. Perhaps the next time he gets onto a stage we should go be groupies... Ha!

    2. And we'll be on the front row shouting "MARIANA! HAKI YETU!"