Monday, March 19, 2012

To call or not to call, that's a dumb question!

We're women so we do this all the time: make the call we're just not meant to.
He said he'd call, he hasn't called .. why not send a friendly text to discuss that horrible accident that was on news yesterday? What of forward a funny joke we've heard? Or for the really ballsy types, we'll just ask him why he hasn't called.

The conversation (depending on whether or not he answers your call) may go something like this:

Him: Hello?
You (overly chirpy): Hiiiiii!
Him (a little over enthusiastic): Oh hi!
You (wondering if his phone doesn't have caller ID and even then, why he hasn't committed your number to memory as you have his):  I was just checking up on you ...
Him (never missing a bit): And I was just thinking about you ..
You (forgetting that you'd felt slighted only 3 seconds ago): Oh that's so sweet! Would you like to come over for dinner later on? I'm cooking your favourite!
Him: Isn't that grand! You're just what the doctor ordered! I'm at work now, how about I call you when I'm done?
You (gushing and blushing): Great! Let's talk then!

Then at midnight on a week night when you finally come to terms with the fact that he's not calling and you've gone through all the silly excuses you made for him, you tuck in to bed feeling sorry for yourself.

There are a thousand books and 15,000 articles out there that will described to you exactly why you must not even look at your phone in a manner likely to suggest that your interested in calling. And they all make the world of sense. But none of them are any help to a girl seated home alone on a night when there's no power with only her laptop for company whose battery is running dangerously low ...


  1. If I had a shilling for every time I uttered those words, 'just checking in...' I'd be a millionaire several times. Men! Cant live with them, cant shoot them... :-)

    Chin up babes, delete the number and move on. He'll call when he feels so led, and if not then its his loss, no?

  2. HA!!!! You nailed it. JUst felt pity on myself for being so Shchupit. Ama you send a text and you stay up all night...okay, almost all night waiting for a reply that doesn't come through.

  3. That last sentence was just so woishe....

  4. Girls, eh? We are indeed special. Same script, different casts.

  5. Then I guess it won't hurt if 'that' girl keeps herself busy by reading the "a thousand books and 15,000 articles out there..." hehehe (I'm not being insensitive ;-))

  6. @ Alex, why exactly can't we shoot them? :-) Thanks though. Things always seem better the next day ..

    @Tatuu, there's a day I couldn't work coz I'd sent a text in the morning and was waiting for an answer .. Aie! (and the answer came at 9pm)

    @Project44, the price of womanhood ...

    @Kbaab, and the problem is we just don't learn. Happens again and again ...

    @Odhiambo, lights were out .. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :-)